Preparing for Your Visit

After you have contacted the Children's Department to arrange your visit, here are some things to consider in the days leading up to your visit:

- If you plan on having your students receive library cards during the visit, library card applications need to be turned in at least 1 week before your library visit. This gives library staff enough time to process the applications and have the cards ready when your class visits the library.

- If you plan to allow your students to check out books, time will be allotted at the end of your visit. We advise that you decide how many books each student will be allowed to check out before your visit and make this clear to them before entering the library.A reminder that checking out books during a visit to the library is optional.
- If you have any special requests for your visits let your contact librarian know at least 1 week before your library visit so they can prepare accordingly. Special requests include: highlighting a particular area of the library, pulling materials on a specific topic for the students to look at, discussing a particular database or service the library provides. We are here to serve you so let us know how we can.