Types of Visits

Library staff strive to make sure that visits to the Library are informative and fun for students. Because of this, we provide different types of visits for different age groups. Here are some of the different visits we offer.


For our younger visitors a librarian can conduct a storytime, including fun songs and rhymes and great age appropriate books. Mixed in with this will be basic information about the library. After the storytime, the librarian will take the group around the room for a brief tour of the Children's Area.

School Aged Kids:

For our older visitors, a librarian can read age appropriate stories, provide information about the library and what you can do with your library card, give a database overview (and even provide more in-depth instruction about a particular database), and provide a tour of the Children's Area.

Special Needs Groups:

The librarian conducting your visit can work with you to decide on the best type of visit for your particular group if students have special needs. We are always willing to work closely to develop a visit that serves your students as best as we possibly can.

Visits to Your Site by a Librarian:
If you are interested in having a librarian come to your site we will provide the same services listed above, with the exception of assistance that requires a visit to the library.

In all cases, our main interest is providing a visit that fits your needs as much as possible. We will try our hardest to work with you to make your visit the best it can be!
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