Borel Park Development Project

The City has committed to developing Borel Park as part of the proposed Fire Station 25 relocation project.The new fire station is planned to be located on the southeast corner of Borel Avenue and Shafter Street. The balance of the site will become the developed 1.1 acre Borel Park.

On February 21, 2018 a neighborhood meeting was held to present preliminary design concepts for Borel Park. Designs were prepared by David Volz Design, Landscape Architecture based on comments received from the neighbors at meetings held in October of 2016. Comments about the design were received and documented by the city staff. 

Concept A

Color Graphic Concept A 300

Concept B

Color Graphic B 300

Master Plan

Borel Park Master Plan 800k revised 300px

Concept Board

Concept Board 300

Project Status:

The Parks and Recreation Department is accepting additional comments on the three design options. An application has been made for a Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant. Grant award notification will not occur until June 2018 so until then the budget for the project has not been determined. The final plan will be prepared based on neighborhood comments and the available project budget.

June 2018 - Update
The City was not chosen as one of the recipients of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant.

July 2018 - Update
Three concepts were presented to the Park and Recreation Commission meeting on July 11, 2018.  After public input and Commissioner comments it was decided to go with the Master Plan version presented that evening (see design above).

November 2018 - Update
City Council reviewed the designs for Borel Park and favored Concept C (Master Plan).

December 2018 - Update
Park and Recreation Commission unanimously recommended to the City Council the approval of the Borel Park Master Plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration.

January 2019 - Update
City Council unanimously approved the Borel Park Master Plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration.

February/March 2019 - Update
Request for Proposal (RFP) posted for Professional Design Services for the Borel Park Development Project. Bids due back from RFP process will be reviewed. Staff is working toward awarding the contract for Professional Design Services at May 20th City Council meeting.

May 2019 - Update
Professional Design Services contract was awarded to David Volz Design at the May 20th City Council meeting.

Project Contact:

(650) 522-7400