Taxicab Services

The City of San Mateo has licensed four taxicab companies to conduct business in our City. The companies licensed in San Mateo are Luxor, Merit, Peninsula and Yellow. Licensing requirements include compliance with safety, insurance, and driver qualifications as imposed by the City.

Licensed Taxicab Companies

  • Luxor Cab (650) 344-1414
  • Merit Taxi (650) 571-0606
  • Peninsula Cab (650) 787-3778
  • Yellow Cab (650) 342-1234

Current San Mateo Rates

  • $3.10 for the flag drop (the initial charge for the taxi to reach the location to pick up a passenger(s).
  • $3.00 for each additional mile until destination.
  • $30.00 per hour wait time rate
A typical ride (i.e., 2 miles to 5 miles) from most local hotels to the Bridgepointe Shopping Center, or the Downtown Shopping / Dining area, or the Hillsdale Shopping Mall should cost approximately $11 to $21, without waiting charges.

A trip to San Francisco International Airport will cost between $36 to $51 without waiting charges.

Comments or Questions
Comments or questions regarding taxicab service within the City of San Mateo regarding our licensed operators can be directed to the Department of Public Works at (650) 522-7300, or via email.