Security Camera Registration

San Mateo NEST 
Neighborhood Eyes Security Team

The San Mateo Police Department is working with businesses and residents from the San Mateo community to compile a list of privately owned security cameras to enhance crime prevention and enhance public safety. In many San Mateo cases, available security video has added the critical piece of information that helps break the case.
Many San Mateo business owners and residents currently operate security video systems at their businesses and/or homes. As crimes occur nearby, they are not always aware that their system may have captured information that could help solve the crime, thus keeping our community safer. In turn, the police are also not always aware who may have this potentially vital information.

San Mateo Police Department is seeking the assistance of San Mateo residents who have security camera systems. We also encourage residents to install and direct cameras to cover the public street and side area in front of their residence or business, if they have the resources to do so.

If you have video security cameras, SMPD is encouraging you to register the location and capabilities of your camera with us. This is a voluntary registry - SMPD will not proactively take control of, access, or use your cameras.

In the event that your location has security video recordings helpful to SMPD in an investigation, our officers or detectives will contact you for assistance.

Register Your Video Security System with SMPD