Bicycle Resources in San Mateo

Traveling to San Mateo

Find the best route to get to your destination using the bike routes map. Single-rider bicycles are allowed on Caltrain trains and SamTrans buses for free. Familiarize yourself with how to use public transit with your bike and make traveling to San Mateo easy. The San Mateo Caltrain Station offers electronic bicycle lockers for long-term parking. Be sure to purchase a BikeLink Card beforehand at to activate a locker. 

Tune-Up at a Bicycle Repair Station

San Mateo offers five bicycle repair stations that are available for the public to use at no charge. Each station includes tools to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, such as a flat tire or adjusting brakes. Look for a bicycle repair station at:

  • San Mateo City Hall (330 W. 20th Avenue)- Adjacent to the bike racks on O’Farrell Street
  • San Mateo Caltrain Station (385 1st Avenue) – Next to the Transit Center parking lot entrance 
  • San Mateo Main Library (55 W. 3rd Avenue) – In front of the bike racks
  • Paddock Park (2900 Baze Road) – In front of the restrooms
  • Ryder Court Park (1625 J. Hart Clinton Drive) – Next to the restrooms
Note: This is a pilot project. Repair stations are currently undergoing an assessment to determine if relocation is necessary. Existing locations were chosen based on City staff recommendations and a community survey hosted on the City’s website. 

Receive Updates on Biking in San Mateo

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Bike Repair Station - City Hall
Bike Repair Station - Library