Project Name:

Bay to Transit Trail Phase I Project
Brief Project Description:
The Bay to Transit Trail Phase I project will consist of implementing a Class I facility from the Hayward Park Caltrain Station to Delaware Street. The project includes the conversion of the City of San Mateo’s 16th Avenue Drainage Channel existing dirt maintenance road into a Class I bicycle facility.

Project Benefits:
The project will connect directly with the Hayward Park Caltrain Station, thereby providing commuters who walk or ride an additional option to access the train station. The new trail will be separated from motor vehicles improving bicycle and pedestrian safety.
Bay to Transit_Phase 1_Oct 12_Resized.jpg
Project Status:
Project is currently scheduled to begin construction in the second half of 2017.

Initial Study - Mitigated Negative Declaration dated July 2, 2013

Notice of Intent to Adopt an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration dated July 15, 2013

Project Manager:
Trieu Tran
Phone: 650-522-7330
Email Trieu Tran