Current Long-Term Transportation Planning

Part of our long-term vision for the City is having bike and pedestrian amenities that will encourage people to choose a means of travel other than only by single-occupancy automobile.

Sustainability Initiatives

Converting car trips of one mile or less to bicycle and walking trips is a successful method of helping the City meet one of its sustainability goals. In 2007, the City Council adopted a Sustainable Initiatives Plan (SIP) that outlines our plan for environmental responsibility and includes specific, measurable goals. One of our goals is to provide safe, effective and pleasurable biking and walking routes to increase the number of trips under one mile made by walking or bicycle from 3% to 30% by 2020.

See Section G of the Circulation Element of the General Plan for policies for developing and maintaining a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian circulation network.

The Bicycle Master Plan

With the help of the community, we have developed a Bicycle Master Plan in order to make bicycling a more amenable transportation option for residents. We see increased bike traffic as an integral part of the city’s transportation planning. In 2018, we launched the Bicycle Master Plan update

Pedestrian Master Plan

We want to make walking in the city safe and enjoyable. That means sidewalks in good condition, nice streetscapes to stroll down, and pedestrian thoroughfares that provide adequate buffers from vehicles. To make this happen, we have developed a Citywide Pedestrian Master Plan.