Pothole Repair Program

Potholes make our streets less drivable, increase wear and tear on vehicles, and reduce safety. Potholes occur when weakened asphalt is eroded by car tires, which progressively exposes and weakens more and more asphalt, eventually developing into a pothole.

The causes of weak asphalt are:

  • Traffic: Increased flow and heavy vehicles stress the road and cause cracks and fissures.
  • Water: The cracks in the road allow water to penetrate which contributes to erosion.
  • Age: Old pavement is less structurally sound and more susceptible to traffic and water damage.

Pothole Repair Program

We have an ongoing Pothole Repair Program to inspect and repair these unavoidable features of our much-used traffic network. On a quarterly basis, we patch potholes in streets with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 0-30. On a semi-annual basis, we inspect and patch potholes in streets with a score of 30-50.
San Mateo roads were designated “Most Improved” in 2009 by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Regional Streets and Roads Program.

To Report a Pothole

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