Project Description
The project will design and construct a median island on Poplar Ave from Amphlett Blvd to Idaho St, as well as traffic calming improvements along Humboldt St from Peninsula Ave to E. Poplar Ave as a result of the traffic diversion. Traffic calming improvements include: bulbouts at College/Humboldt intersection and mid-block in front of the court house, landscaping with new trees, pedestrian level lighting, radar feedback signs, and signal upgrades at Humboldt/Poplar, In 2004, the City identified a need to review Poplar at the US-101 exit due to safety concerns. A traffic study was completed and several community meetings held in the last 10 years identified the median island as the best short-term solution to improve safety along the US-101 Poplar/Peninsula corridor.
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Project Status

Project construction began in August 2016 and was finished in March 2017.

Community Process

Since February of 2010, residents, City officials, and City staff have come together to exchange ideas and information on how we can address traffic safety at Poplar Avenue, US-101 to Humboldt.

Project Manager
Leo Chow
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