Bayfront Cleanup

Our Annual CleanupBCU  Sept 21 2019 KBenz photo3Bayfront Cleanup Sept 21 2019 KBenz photo

Every year, volunteers from around the Peninsula join San Mateo's efforts to keep our shorelines free of waste that belongs in our recycling centers and landfills. Bookmark this page for updates on the 2020 Bayfront Cleanup. 

2019 Success Story

What an incredible turnout from the community! Just over 1,000 volunteers showed up to clean our San Mateo shorelines at Ryder Park on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. To be precise, it was 1,003 volunteers who helped to remove 3,500 pounds of garbage from the natural habitat along San Francisco Bay. Volunteers also removed 20 pounds of recycling, all from about 1.5 miles of San Francisco Bay shoreline. Strangest Find win went to the team who recovered a fully intact kids play kitchen, not to mention a large ottoman and the top of aBayfront Cleanup 2019 - Carolyn Shavel photo vacuum cleaner. 

2018 Success StoryBayfront Cleanup 2019 - Azalea Mitch photo

On Coastal Cleanup Day September 15, 2018, San Mateo volunteers collected 24 cubic yards of trash and debris from approximately 1.5 miles of shoreline, lagoon and creek. Close to 200 pounds of bottles and cans were collected for recycling. An astonishing eight pounds of cigarette butts – which equates to approximately 72,000 butts were also collected.  

All of it was removed from our sensitive shoreline wildlife habitat. 

California Coastal Cleanup

San Mateo's Bayfront Cleanup is part of the California Coastal Cleanup. Learn more about the dangers of marine debris on its pages. 

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