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Potential New Homes Entering "High Risk" Zones at end of 2018

FEMA recently performed a coastal study and released a preliminary map which is scheduled to become effective by the end of 2018. An estimated additional 176 additional addresses could be added to the high-risk zone, although FEMA is still in the appeal resolution stage of releasing the map. View the Preliminary (2017) FEMA Flood Zone Map to see which additional areas may be affected in the North Central neighborhood, highlighted in red. Notices will be sent to property owners when FEMA confirms the boundaries of the new map and when it will be published. In the meantime for more information, read the following informational handouts: Fact Sheet for Properties Newly Mapped Into-High Risk Areas and Map Changes & Flood Insurance: What Property Owners Need to Know.

Formation of North Shoreview Assessment District

In March 2018, City Council approved the formation of the North Shoreview Assessment District to fund a portion of levee and pump station improvements. This project, when construction is complete, is anticipated to revise the flood map and remove the newly-added areas above. In the meantime, property owners in the flood plain must still carry flood insurance.  For any questions regarding the North Shoreview Flood Improvements assessment district, call Chris Passarelli at (650) 522-7367.

Informational Open House - November 2015

The City of San Mateo organized an informational open houses for the two areas that were added to the flood zone with the July 2015 map release. The areas around 20th Ave & Palm, and E. Hillsdale were invited to attend and receive information from several booths. Representatives from FEMA attended to provide information about insurance rates. City staff explained the flood zone areas and any building code changes residents should expect since they are now within a high risk flood zone. The meeting was held on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 at the San Mateo Police Station.

FEMA Issues Revised Map for San Mateo - July 2015

The current map shows flooding hazards associated with a storm event that would cause tidal flooding as well as flood that may occur due to residual interior flooding of Laurel Creek. With the 2015 map release, approximately 110 homes west of El Camino Real, along Hillsdale Blvd. were removed. This map shows which properties have been removed, as of July 16, 2015.

Removing North Shoreview and North Central from FEMA's "High Risk" Area

FEMA and The City of San Mateo have identified two remaining projects that need to be completed in order for the North Shoreview and the North Central neighborhoods to be reclassified as a low risk zone on the FEMA Flood Map. Being reclassified as a low risk area is the necessary step for residents to no longer be required to carry flood insurance. 
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