Best Management Practices

Pollution Prevention is Everyone's Business

Best Management Practices, or BMPs, are practices and procedures that residents, businesses, and developers can employ in common activities to help reduce the potential for pollutants to enter the environment.

Residents are encouraged to practice pollution prevention by incorporating best management practices into household activities.

Commercial Business Activities and Construction Sites

Commercial businesses and construction sites in San Mateo are subject to periodic inspections to confirm that BMPs are being used daily and effectively. The City requires businesses to adhere to BMPs developed by the City and/or County for specific business categories as follows:

Example of BMPs

  • Cover areas where potential pollutants are stored.
  • Use trash and storage containers with a tight-fitting lid and no leaks.
  • Prevent spills and leaks, and clean up promptly when they occur.
  • Sweep paved areas regularly.
  • Maintain landscaping properly.
  • Use, recycle, and dispose of wastes properly.
  • Wash vehicles using water only, on unpaved surfaces, or at a car wash.
  • Check storm drain inlets periodically.
  • Check for and seal any piping that carries wastewater to the storm drain.
  • Educate others to implement water pollution prevention practices.