Youth Swim Class Descriptions

Learning how to swim and further developing swimming skills when young not only keeps your child active and healthy, but also helps to increase their water safety for life. We offer swimming instruction based on the American Red Cross (ARC) Learn to Swim Program, which promotes both water safety and swimming skills in a safe and fun environment.

We offer swim lessons during the summer. 
Preschool Classes: Ages 6 months to 5 years
Youth Classes: Ages 6 to 13 years
Aqua Tot
For Infants/Toddlers 6 to 36 months and their parents. This class is to introduce water adjustment skills in a safe and friendly way and allows parent and child to interact together in a new environment. Learning skills include pool exploration, blowing bubbles, floating, kicking, arm movement, and entries and exits into the water. A swim diaper is required, and is available for purchase at the pool. We provide water toys and the ARC Parent’s Guide.

Introductory swim course for children 3-5 years of age and 24 inches shoulder height. This course works on water adjustment and fundamentals of swimming.

For students 3-5 years of age who have completed Pollywogs OR can front float, and swim 15 feet on stomach with assistance. This level continues the fundamentals with a more independent focus.

Level 1 (Starfish)
Introductory swim course for students 6-13 years of age with no previous experience and works on making them feel more comfortable in the water. Students will learn basic fundamentals of floating, breath-control and movement in the water.

Level 2 (Lobster)
For students, age 6-13, who have completed level 1 skills OR demonstrate front and back float. This will focuses on opportunities for success with fundamental skills. Students will learn to float without support and recovery as well as explore simultaneous alternating arm and leg action on the front and back.

Level 3 (Seahorse)
For students, age 6-13, who can demonstrate front and back crawl independently (15 feet) and back crawl (10 feet) unsupported and comfortable in deep water. Students learn to coordinate front and back crawl. Elements of butterfly, diving and treading water are introduced.

Level 4 (Seal)
For students, age 6-13, who can demonstrate front and back crawl (15 yards), jump in and change direction in deep water unassisted, and tread water for 30 seconds. Students will increase their endurance in front and back crawl, build on butterfly, and be introduced to elementary backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke.

Level 5 (Shark)
Child must be able to demonstrate front and back crawl (25 yards), breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke (15 yards), tread water one minute, and swim under water 3 body lengths. Students, age 6-13, will refine their performance of all the strokes and increase distances. Flip turns are also introduced.

Level 6 (Dolphin)
Students, age 6-13, must be able to demonstrate front and back crawl (50 yards), butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke and elementary backstroke (25 yards), tread water 2 minutes and a shallow dive from side. Students will learn to swim strokes with more ease, efficiency and power over greater distances. Level 6 will introduce students to elements of training for competitive swimming.

The Complete Swimmer
Refine strokes to increase technique, efficiency and power. This course is designed for swimmers interested in fitness, preparing for competitive swimming, or interested in becoming a lifeguard. The instructor will use a variety of training equipment and focus on endurance, with a goal of swimming 500yds. Students must have passed Level 4 or demonstrate equivalent skills.

Semi-Private Lessons
A great option for children who may need a little extra attention or help to pass to the next level. Instructors will split the class between the two participants. Two children must be registered prior to the start date. We are not responsible for pairing up customers.

Private Lessons
If you prefer one-on-one instruction, take advantage of private lessons that are customized to your child’s level.