Marina Lagoon Work Plan

The San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), as part of its broad-based responsibility for water quality enhancement and management, encourages responsible lagoon management to preserve the beneficial use of lagoons and other water bodies, and the contiguous waters of San Francisco Bay. To accomplish responsible lagoon management, the City of San Mateo maintains a Management Plan (Plan) for the Marina Lagoon. The plan serves as an operations manual for City management personnel as well as to inform the RWQCB and its staff of the City's procedures to protect San Francisco Bay water quality and the objectives of the San Francisco Bay Basin Plan. The Plan addresses water quality in Marina Lagoon as a result of water exchange, stormwater runoff, debris, and aquatic pests and pest control methods. The Plan provides guidance and information on the following:
  • Protect all beneficial uses of the lagoon, including habitat for fish and waterfowl, water contact recreation, aesthetics, and flood control
  • Facility description
  • Monitor and protect lagoon water quality
  • Employ integrated pest management techniques for control of weeds and algae
  • Follow all applicable law and regulations with respect to use of aquatic herbicides
  • Control litter and debris
  • Train staff involved in lagoon management and share information with managers of neighboring lagoons
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Dredging
Specific ongoing tasks include the following:

  • Award lagoon maintenance services contract for aquatic plant and debris control
  • Comply with State Water Board’s Permit for Discharges of Aquatic Pesticides
  • Comply with regulatory agency permits for operations and maintenance of the lagoon including the dock permitting program