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Project Read
Change a life...yours!
Project Read, the adult literacy program of the San Mateo Public Library, has provided free, confidential, literacy tutoring to adults since 1985.
Volunteer tutors work with adults who want to improve their basic reading and writing skills, enabling them to achieve personal learning goals, like reading a story to a child, voting for the first time, or completing a job application form.
Project Read works!
With increased skills and self-confidence, Project Read students make positive, powerful changes in their everyday lives as family members, workers, and community members. The program raises literacy levels—and the quality of life—in the City of San Mateo.
Volunteer Opportunity
Project Read volunteers are trained to succeed in tutoring!
Volunteers attend an engaging training workshop and are well-prepared before being paired with an adult literacy student. Tutors receive individualized support and participate in ongoing learning opportunities throughout their experience in Project Read.
Project Read tutors:
  • Complete Project Read’s training workshop
  • Commit to at least 6 months of tutoring, although tutors can stay much longer!
  • Are available to meet with a student at the Library twice a week for one to two hours each session
  • Bring flexibility, patience, curiosity, and a spirit of lifelong learning to tutoring

Tutor Training:

Please contact the program office for more information about tutor training.

(650) 522-7848

Fill out the Volunteer Tutor Interest Form Online

Who do we serve?

Project Read-San Mateo serves residents (and those who work in) San Mateo, Burlingame, and Hillsborough.
Project Read Students:

  • Are adults older than 16 and not enrolled in high school
  • Want to improve their basic reading and writing skills
  • Can speak comfortably in English over the phone and in-person
  • Thrive with individualized attention outside a classroom setting

Fill out the New Student Interest Form Online 

How you can help:

  • Volunteer your time to help adults reach their learning goals
  • Make sure people who need literacy help know about Project Read-San Mateo
  • Consider donating to support Project Read through the San Mateo Public Library Foundation: www.smlibraryfoundation.org

For more information please call (650) 522-7848.

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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