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Other Water Activities

The Marina Lagoon is home to a variety of water activities. From water skiing to kayaking, the San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department works hard to make sure the Marina Lagoon remains safe and accessible for everyone.

Water Skiing
Water skiing is a great sport, but in order to make sure that all people in the water are safe, there are regulations regarding water skiing. It is your responsibility to understand the water skiing regulations which can be found in the Water skiing section of the Marina Lagoon Boating & Recreation Guide.

Important things to remember:

  • Water skiing is only allowed in Zones A and E.
  • Non-powered boats always have right of way in ski areas.
  • Skiers and boats may not be within 50 feet to any dock or shoreline Paddle boats
    Sail or hand-powered boats are permitted along the length of the Marina Lagoon with the exception of Zones A and E, where only residents of properties on the shoreline in these zones may sail within the zones en route to other zones. For complete information on the regulations of the Marina Lagoon, please see the Marina Lagoon Boating & Recreation Guide.

Swimming is only allowed at posted public swim areas. Please note that no lifeguard is provided. For complete information on the regulations of the Marina Lagoon, please see the Marina Lagoon Boating & Recreation Guide.

Kayak rentals are available through Aquan Sports at the Parkside Aquatic Park Facility between May 1 and September 30. The Boat House can be reached at (650) 522.7468. Aquan Sports can be reached at (650) 593-6060. When renting a kayak, you must abide by both the regulations of Aquan Sports and the Marina Lagoon Regulations.

Fishing & Wildlife
Fishing is only allowed in zones B, C, D and F and only where specifically posted by the City. Fishing in designated swimming areas is prohibited. No troll fishing or trapping is permitted. The Marina Lagoon is home to a number of wildlife species that the Park Rangers are happy to provide information on. If you find an injured animal, please do not handle it – instead contact the Park Rangers immediately.

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