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Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch signThe City of San Mateo is proud to have one of the most active Neighborhood Watch programs in the County.

Board of Directors made up of concerned residents oversees the program with support from the Neighborhood Policing Unit.

Neighborhood Watch Block Captains are kept constantly updated on crime trends and safety information through Community Alerts, and are responsible for insuring their neighbors are receiving the information as well. Block captains also organize neighborhood meetings or discussions to talk about neighborhood safety issues. 

SMPD's Patrol Lieutenants are assigned Policing Areas within the City, and are points-of-contact for neighborhood issues.

SMPD Policing Areas Map  

Area 1 - West of US101, from about 5th Avenue North to Burlingame - Lt. Ryan Monaghan - 650-522-7653
(Includes Downtown, and Central Park)

Area 2 - West of US101, from Central Park South to Belmont - Lt. Dave Peruzzaro - 650-522-7684
(Includes Baywood and The Village)

Area 3 - East of US101 from Coyote Point to Foster City - Lt. Dave Norris - 650-522-7681

Start a Neighborhood Watch on Your Block
Get familiar with your neighbors and help keep your block safe as a team! More information about SMPD's Neighborhood Watch Program can be found here:

Neighborhood Watch - SMPD Block Captain Introduction Letter

If you have any questions about Neighborhood Watch in San Mateo, contact our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Officer John Rink Sr. at or 650-522-7744 .

Neighborhood Watch Fact Sheet

Neighborhood Watch Website Links

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