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Street Tree Services

The City of San Mateo has more than 19,000 street trees – with about 30% of them considered Heritage Trees.  Our arborists care for all street trees by:

  • Maintaining them on a 6 – 7 year pruning cycle.
  • Removing dead, dying or hazardous trees.
  • Planting 200 – 250 street trees a year based on the City’s Street Tree Master Plan to ensure diversity in the tree population and reducing the risk of wide spread tree disease.
  • Providing pest control for the City’s street trees, if needed.
  • Responding to emergency situations (downed street trees from storms, etc.).

The City considers street trees to be the trees planted in the public right-of-way.  Trees on your property are not maintained by the City, but it is important to know there are still regulations about pruning or removing certain trees on your property.  For more information about caring for your trees, see our educational resources. 

Street Tree Services 
Please contact the City’s Arborist at
 or submit a request for street tree inspection ticket if you:

  • Believe the street tree in front of your home needs pruning for clearance or another safety issue.
  • Question if the street tree is healthy.
  • Would like to request to have a tree planted in front of your house.

If you wish to have a street tree removed or pruned of your own accord, you must submit a Street Tree Application prior to having any work done. 

Some additional things to be aware of:

  • The Street Tree Application process requires several weeks so please plan ahead.
  • There is a $425 tree planting deposit if you plan to remove a street tree.  The deposit is refunded when the replanting conditions are met. 
  • Deposits are nonrefundable if replanting conditions have not been met within 6 months.

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