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Key Strategic Initiatives

Maximizing Parks and Open Space

  • The park and open space system will be significantly enhanced by the completion of the Shoreline and Sugarloaf Parks Master Plans, the construction of a new community park at Bay Meadows, and the provision of new park areas located west of Highway 101 and west of El Camino Real.
  • An improved urban trail system will enhance connectivity between all parks and recreation facilities.
  • Central Park will be enhanced as the community’s signature park and gathering place with a goal to increase the provision of open space by minimizing and redesigning the park’s physical structures. It’s value to downtown as an important link in support of economic vitality will increase as well as its utilization as an outdoor performance venue.

Active Outdoor Recreation

  • An improved inventory of active, outdoor recreation facilities will be provided that meet the specific athletic and fitness needs of the community.
  • Existing facilities such as athletic fields will be upgraded to support intensified use through the addition of synthetic turf surfaces and enhanced lighting.
  • Cooperative athletic field development with the school districts, the creation of a tennis complex and the completion of the Golf Course Master Plan will provide additional facilities that support active, healthy lifestyles.

Enhancing Recreation Programming

  • Recreation programming services will be managed more strategically within core program areas to ensure alignment with community demographics, lifestyle trends and established outcomes and benefits.
  • An improved inventory of community recreation facilities that better support program needs and revenue generation capabilities will be put into service.
  • These include the operation of 3 district centers located at Beresford and King parks and a new facility at Bayside Joinville Park and the construction of a new, signature Lifestyle Recreation Center and indoor aquatics complex at Bay Meadows park.

Park Maintenance and Infrastructure

  • The preservation of parks and open spaces will better meet community expectations of equity as a result of establishing design principles and maintenance standards that reflect the interests of stakeholders and the financial capacity of the organization.
  • The useful life of all park and recreation assets will be preserved through the development and financing of a preventive maintenance management program.

Building Community Advocacy and Awareness

  • The San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department will be known for its role as an essential community service through enhanced public advocacy and awareness.
  • Responsive customer service practices, on-going program evaluation to insure that defined outcomes and benefits are being achieved and the implementation of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan will ensure that lifelong relationships are developed with our users.

Revenue and Resource Development

  • The ability to sustain service delivery and achieve greater self-sufficiency will be realized through the development of effective revenue strategies and practices and through the strengthening and expansion of partnership opportunities.
  • Program offerings and facility operations will be managed to maximize revenue generation capabilities and dedicated funding streams will support preventive maintenance practices and capital improvement needs.
  • Opportunities for cooperative facility development and program delivery with adjacent cities, schools and community agencies will be actively pursued

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