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Discover some of our favorites on our library catalog's staff picks page.

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  • NextReads
    Sign up to receive newsletters containing book recommendations linked to the library's catalog.  Choose from a variety of topics and genres.
  • Bestseller Lists
    Find current bestsellers.
  • Award Winners
    Discover award winning titles.   
  • Goodreads
    Find book recommendations based on what you enjoyed in the past and discover what your friends have been reading. 
  • Allreaders.com
    Thousands of book reviews in all genres. Includes a search engine to find a book with any of several dozen criteria that you select.
  • BookBrowse
    Reviews and reader comments on contemporary fiction.
  • Overbooked.com
    Keeps lists of books that have gotten stars from Kirkus, Book List, Library Journal and Publishers Weekly.
  • WhichBook.net
    British site that lets you choose a book by mood.      
  • Mystery Readers International
    The largest mystery fan/reader organization in the world.
  • SFSite.com
    Searchable site with science fiction and fantasy reviews.
  • What's Next
    Find the order of books in any series

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