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Peninsula Clean Energy

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Starting in October, Peninsula Clean Energy or PCE, is San Mateo County's official electricity provider.  Residents and businesses in the County now have a choice for their electricity supplier.  As a PCE customer, you'll be able to choose the percentage of renewable power you're buying.  PCE offers lower rates and the added benefit of two electricity options, each with a different percentage of sustainable energy.

If you received a notice in the mail, then your electricity account will be automatically enrolled in Peninsula Clean Energy this October.  You do not have to do anything to stay in the program.  Your account will be automatically enrolled in PCE's default product - ECOplus, which offers a minimum of 50% renewable energy at lower rates.  Peninsula Clean Energy also offers a 100% renewable energy product called ECO100.

Be an Early Adopter:  If you are not currently in this enrollment phase, you can enroll your account today as an early adopter by visiting Peninsula Clean Energy or calling 1-866-966-0110.  There are many benefits to staying with Peninsula Clean Energy, but you are also free to choose your electricity provider and can opt-out of PCE at any time.


To learn more about Peninsula Clean Energy and your options, please visit the program website.

PCE Program Overview

San Mateo Neighborhood Phase 1 Map  

PCE Press Release

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