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May 2017 
"To the City of San Mateo,
Since I came to Abu Company in September 2016, all I heard was how great the relationship was between Abu Company and San Mateo. I heard great stories of the ABU dinner at Fort Campbell and how much support you provided while the Company was deployed to Afghanistan in 2015. I have never seen so much loving support come from one community in my 14 years in the Army. I could not wrap my mind around the City of San Mateo coming together to support soldiers by sending 48 packages weighing over 700 pounds. The packages display an important message, that men and women, young and old, support the men and women who defend Our Great Nation! Every package was opened with smiles as each soldier ecstatically shared every item that they received in their package. Thank you for your continued support. BUKA (Best Unit Known Around) Platoon and ABU Company love San Mateo!" 
-SPC Levi Vernon

"Dear San Mateo, 
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers during this deployment. The care packages have been a huge morale boost for the guys here. I especially enjoyed reading the cards from the kids; most of which now cover the walls of our “Ready Room” or workspace. The bond the city of San Mateo and ABU Company share means a lot to me and I look forward to the next get-together so we can share food and swap stories."
-SGT Brad Pinette

"To the People of San Mateo,
Thank you for you continued and unwavering support of ABU Company, 1-327. Your gracious gifts are an incredible reminder of the love and support we have back home. We in ABU Company are proud to call the City of San Mateo part of our family. Your city stands unique in its decades of support for American Soldiers and I am honored to be a part of that legacy. On a lighter note, as a native of Massachusetts, it doesn't hurt that your city gave us the greatest NFL quarterback in history. Dozens of care packages, decades of support and five Super Bowl victories – San Mateo has truly outdone itself. Thank you again for your incredible support of ABU Soldiers. I truly hope to one day visit your beautiful city and have the opportunity to thank many of you in person. ABU!"
-SSG Tim Whitehead

March 2016
"We got the packages today and I wanted to send you a thank you! The company was very thankful and the delicious food is gone already. We had a fitness test earlier this week, so most of the guys were watching their food intake to ensure a good performance. The timing could not have been better as the treats were a nice reward for successful completion. I've attached two pictures of some of our guys unpacking the food... I had to get them quickly before it all disappeared!

I can't thank you enough for all that you and the city have been doing for the company. ...every week, I send a synopsis of completed training and events to our higher headquarters. One of the sections I cover is community partnership. Thanks to you, I often have lots to say about San Mateo! Rest assured the company, battalion, and brigade all know the hard work that your community is doing to support us." -Cpt. Matthew R. Brown

ABU soldiers with home-baked treats

July 2015
On May 20th, 2015 the City of San Mateo and our thoughtful community put together 20+ care packages (see below) for our adopted troop. We received a heart-warming message of thanks and a great photo!
101st Airborne solders with care packages"Hello from Afghanistan! We received all 25 boxes today, wow they're amazing! I appreciate the letter from you and am on behalf of my Company, the boxes and letters are absolutely wonderful. Attached is a picture of a few of the Soldiers with all the boxes. Things are going well here in Helmand, Afghanistan. It's hot and windy but safe. The highs aren't bad right now as they get around 110 but they're typically closer to 120 in July." - Cpt. Andrew W. Bisset

"Thank you and the City of San Mateo for the outstanding and persistent support you all have given to the Company through the four years that I have personally been in ABU Company. The package I received was amazing! There was not a single thing that will not get eaten or used. We have your photos posted throughout our company area so that all the incoming Soldiers can see what the City and its citizens have done for the Soldiers and the Company.

The Soldiers were just wanting to let the people know they had received the excellent package and just to say thank you. Thank you again for the wonderful box of goodies and all the wonderful messages inside." -1SG Michael Stainback
June 2015
There was a big shout out to San Mateo in the 101st Airborne's June 2015 newsletter:
"Year after year for the past 47 years their citizens have supported the Soldiers of ABU and their families and even more when deployed. They yet again impressed us. This month we received a banner signed by nearly 100 citizens and each Soldier received an individually addressed and packaged care package." 
>> Read the June 2015 ABU newsletter

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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