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2015 Outstanding Volunteer Honoree: Traffic Team
Traffic Team: Reynaldo Dizon, Chuck Carnes and Jose Lopez – Volunteer Neighborhood Traffic Team – Focusing on solutions for safer Neighborhoods and Schools

Volunteers Reynaldo (Rene) Dizon who has worked as a volunteer since 2008, Chuck Carnes who has volunteered since 2009, and Jose Lopez who has been volunteering since 2011, together represent the Neighborhood Volunteer Traffic Team for the Police Department.

Chuck Carnes Reynaldo (Rene) Dizon and Jose Lopez

The Neighborhood Volunteer Traffic Team is a group that goes out into the community to survey traffic issues within the city. They assist the department in obtaining data on streets, intersections, and schools, where the department has received complaints from citizens regarding traffic safety issues, such as stop sign violations, speeders, and crosswalk safety. They help identify issues, and develop solutions to traffic related problems within the city.

“Rene, Chuck and Jose, are invaluable to the police department and to the city. You help make San Mateo a better place to live and work because of their efforts.  Thank you”.

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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