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Deputy Mayor Rick Bonilla
First Term: Expires 12/2017Council Member Rick Bonilla
Took office in 2015
Currently serving as Deputy Mayor in 2016-17

(650) 522-7522 ext. 6263

Deputy Mayor Rick Bonilla was born in San Francisco and grew up on the peninsula. He and his wife have resided in San Mateo since 1991. Rick was appointed to the City Council in January 2015, and elected in November 2015 to a two-year term. Rick served as the Chair of San Mateo's Planning Commission, and also served six years on the Public Works Commission and several years on the Bay Meadows and Transportation Corridor Citizen's Advisory Committee.

City Council Subcommittee Assignments 
  • Audit and Budget Committee
  • Clean Water Program Finance Committee - Chair
  • Community Relations Commission
  • Legislative Committee
  • Personnel Board
  • Selection Committee

External Agency Committee Assignments     
  • Association of Bay Area Governments - General Assembly
  • City/County Association of Governments - Congestion Management and Environmental Quality Subcommittee
  • City Delegate to Assembly Member Kevin Mullin
  • Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART)
  • Peninsula Clean Energy
  • Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance
  • San Francisco Airport Community Roundtable
  • San Mateo County Council of Cities
  • Sister City Association - Honorary Chairman alternate
  • South Bayside Waste Management Authority

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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