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PA14-025 Gum Street Townhomes
What is the project’s current stage in the planning process?

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Revised: April 12, 2016
1753 - 1811 Gum Street
035-222-080, 090
Galen Ma/Victor Lo
Gum Street Management
1611 Adrian Road
Burlingame, CA  94010
(415) 218-3159

Brittni Barron
Associate Planner
(650) 522-7213
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Project Update:

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Planning Commission Public Hearing - Tuesday June 9, 2015

Project Description:

This planning application includes the demolition of an existing single family residence and an existing duplex for the construction of 8 units.  The proposed project also encompasses a vacant parcel and the construction of a single family dwelling at the corner of Gum Street. The 8 units are two stories in height and include attached garages.

Project entitlements include: Site Plan and Architectural Review, Site Development Permit, Fence Exception, Vesting Tentative Map  and Categorical Exemption.  

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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