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Meeting Videos: 09/24/13
Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call, Approve Minutes for 9/10/13 (with revisions), Public Comment

PA 13-031 KIMOCHI RESIDENTIAL CARE FACILITY., Conversion of a 34-bed facility into a 14-bed residential care facility for the elderly.  453 N. San Mateo Dr., (APN: 032-173-620).

Required Approvals:
  1. Categorical Exemption section 15301(e) minor addition to existing facility.
  2. Site Plan & Architectural Review (SPAR) for an 279 square feet addition to the one-story building, modification of the parking lot, and planting of new landscaping (including two new street trees).
  3. Site Development Permit (SDP) for the removal of major landscaping (including the removal of a 13” Cajeput tree and a heritage street tree that are in poor health)
  4. Special Use Permit (SUP) for a 14-bed residential care facility for the elderly

The project site is approximately 14,917 square foot in size.  The project site is located at the southwestern corner of the intersection of North San Mateo Drive and East Bellevue Avenue.  The site is generally bounded by a mix of residential, office, and commercial uses to the east, south, and north and single-family and multi-family residential uses to the west. The project site is zoned R4 (Multiple Family Dwelling-High Density).

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