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Crowd Fund Investing (CFI)
In April 2012, President Obama signed into legislation the JOBS Act (Jump Start Business Start-Up) to legalize equity crowd funding. Crowd Funding is a general term that describes different funding relationships between individuals and organizations connected via the Internet. The three key terms to know are donation crowd fundingcrowd fund investing and regulation D crowd funding.

Crowd Fund Investing democratizes access to capital for small businesses. Many entrepreneurs and independent businesses have difficulty accessing capital through traditional methods. Crowd funding is a viable way for small businesses to borrow and raise money. With crowd funding, it is possible to raise money from anyone you are connected to in some way via the Internet. Sites such as SoMoLend and Kiva Zip make it possible for entrepreneurs to connect with lenders that want to help small businesses grow.

For more information about Crowd Funding please visit Crowd Fund Capital Advisors.

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