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Synthetic Turf Study and Plan

Following an extensive public engagement process that included a 12-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) representing users, neighborhood and general community interests, a community workshop, the opportunity to post comments on San Mateo Town Hall (the new public engagement site), and public review by the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council, the following plan for converting some athletic fields to synthetic turf was adopted.

Multiple studies have shown that San Mateo has inadequate athletic fields to meet the community’s needs- particularly those of youth sports organizations. The plan to convert some fields to synthetic turf is part of a larger 3-part strategy to provide greater access to safer, more playable fields: expanding the number of fields as feasible, improving the maintenance of existing fields, and converting some fields to synthetic turf.

Below is the adopted plan for synthetic turf conversion:

  1. That five fields be considered in the long-term plan as appropriate for conversion to Synthetic Turf: Bayside School, Fiesta Meadows, Joinville, King, Los Prados.
  2. That Los Prados be the priority for first installation.
  3. That the remaining four sites continue to be studied to determine if and how issues and challenges that arose during this study may be resolved prior to establishing the priority of those fields.

The City’s Capital Improvement budget has adequate funds to proceed with the Los Prados project. The source of these funds is Park In-Lieu Fees: fees paid by developers of new residential properties in order to expand or improve the park system to offset the impact of increased population.

The Los Prados Park project is proceeding. Installation is scheduled to begin in March and be completed by end of July 2014. For additional information about the Los Prados project, select this link: Los Prados Park Synthetic Turf Project.

Concurrently, the assessment of the remaining four sites will continue so that priorities related to those fields may also be determined.

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