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Meeting Videos: 08/20/12

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Make a Difference Presentation: Finance Department, Roll Call

CEREMONIAL MATTER Recognition: Sister City Toyonaka – English Speech winners

1. Approval of City Council Special Meeting Minutes of May 31, 2012, July 10, 2012 and July  30, 2012, and Special and Regular Meeting Minutes of July 16, 2012
2. Ordinance Introduction – Amending City Transient Occupancy Tax Provisions
By motion, approve introduction of an ordinance amending the City’s transient occupancy tax provisions, specifically Chapter 3.56,” Transient Occupancy Tax,” in order to define term “tax collector,” clarify existing reporting practices, add penalty language for on-going delinquencies, and change the appeal process.
3. Award of Contract – Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Video Inspection Basins A1, A2, A3, A4 – Presidio Systems, Inc.
Award of contract to Presidio Systems, Inc., for the Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Video Inspection Basins A1, A2, A3, A4 in the amount of $379,698.90, and authorize the Mayor to execute the contract.
4. Task Order No. 2 – Construction Management Services For 24th Avenue Sanitary Sewer Relief Line Project – Carollo Engineers
Approve Task Order No. 2 to On-Call Construction Management and Support Services agreement with Carollo Engineers for construction management services for the 24th Avenue Sanitary Sewer Relief Line Project in an amount not to exceed $170,162.
5. Approval to Submit Application for the Funding Exchange for One Bay Area Grant – Cycle 2 Local Streets and Roads
Adopt a resolution authorizing the filing of an application for One Bay Area Grant State Local Partnership Program (SLPP) funds in lieu of Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds, committing the necessary Measure A matching funds, and stating the assurance to complete the project.
6. Approval of Purchase of Police Motorcycles – Huntington Beach Honda
By motion, approve the purchase of six 2012 Honda ST1300PA-ABS police motorcycles from Huntington Beach Honda, in the amount of $149,005.74 and authorize the City Manager to issue a purchase order.
7. Approval of School Crossing Guard Agreement 2012-2013 – San Mateo Foster City School District
By motion, approve the agreement between the City of San Mateo and the San Mateo-Foster City School District to provide school crossing guards and authorize the City Manager to sign the agreement on behalf of the City.
8. Reimbursement Agreement – Bay Meadows Interim Community Park Enhanced Improvements
Adopt a resolution approving a reimbursement agreement between the City of San Mateo and Bay Meadows Main Track Investors, LLC, for the Enhanced Improvements associated with the Interim Community Park and authorizing the Mayor to sign the agreement.
9. Change Order – Transportation Consultant Services – Hexagon Transportation Consultants
By motion, approve a change order for $29,254.42 for services in Fiscal Year 2011 2012 for transportation consultant services on planning applications.


10. Consideration of a Resolution Approving a Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule
Adopt a resolution approving a draft Recognized Obligations Payment Schedule for January 1, 2013, through July 31, 2013.

Public Comment, Adjournment

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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