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Bridgepointe Ice Rink Pre-Application PA12-034 WITHDRAWN - SEE NEW INFORMATION BELOW
Location:  2200 - 2202 Bridgepointe Parkway 
Assessor Parcel Number:  035-466-010
Applicant:  Peter Meier
Bridgepointe Co-Tenancy Group
88 Kearny Street #1818
San Francisco, Ca  94108
(415) 288-7900
This project has been withdrawn by request of the project applicant. 
May 21, 2012

Letter from the City of San Mateo to Interested Parties:

This message is in response to various inquiries and comments that have been raised about the Bridgepointe Ice Chalet Ice Rink closure and the City’s role in this issue.  Thank you for sharing your perspectives on the ice rink and the value it adds to the City of San Mateo and beyond.  Unfortunately, based upon the various statements raised, there appears to be incomplete and inaccurate information circulating about this topic and what has transpired.  As a result, I wanted to clarify what has occurred to date and review the options moving forward.

First of all, it is important to understand the distinction between the City’s ability to restrict the use of the property versus requiring the owner to provide continued operation of the rink.  The Master Plan for Bridgepointe has limited the use of this portion of the development to an ice rink or “similar recreational use”.  In order for the owner to change the use, an application would need to be submitted to the City and a public review process conducted for consideration by the City’s Planning Commission.  The Master Plan also prevents any other use, such as retail, from locating in place of the ice rink unless the Master Plan and accompanying Site Plan and Architectural Review (SPAR) are approved by the Planning Commission and City Council.  On the other hand, concerning the operation of the property, the Master Plan does not give the City any authority over the operation of the rink and does not provide legal recourse for the City to require the property owner to keep the ice rink open.

The summary below provides some additional clarification about the process that Bridgepointe Shopping Center has undergone to-date:

On May 31, 2012, Bridgepointe Shopping Center property owner, SPI, applied for an amendment to the existing Bridgepointe Master Plan on a “pre” application basis. The pre-application process is an informal review that occurs before a formal planning application is submitted. The pre-application process is intended to provide a means for early input from interested parties before a property owner finalizes a land use proposal and submits a formal planning application. SPI applied for this informal review so that consideration of an alternative recreational use and location could be considered and discussed before a formal amendment to the existing Master Plan was submitted.  What’s important to understand about the timing of this informal process is that the schedule is determined by an applicant and differs for each pre-application depending upon how quickly information is provided.   Depending upon the applicant’s interest in how soon they want to get feedback, they manage the pace of the review.

Based on the initial information submitted to the City as part of the SPI Bridgepointe Shopping Center Master Plan pre-application, a community meeting was scheduled and held on July 26, 2012. About 175 people attended the meeting at which the concept of an alternative type of recreational use and a different location for a new use were discussed. It was clear from comments made at the meeting, that people supported the ice rink and wanted to see it remain in operation at the Shopping Center.

After the community meeting, SPI determined that it wanted to move forward with the application, but agreed with the City of San Mateo that more information was needed, regarding alternative types of recreational uses and possible locations for those uses, before the next step was taken in the pre-application process, which would be holding a Planning Commission Study Session. At that time, SPI agreed to fund a Study which would evaluate alternative recreational uses and locations and compare those with the need for and use of the ice rink. SPI understood that it would fund the Study, but that the City would select and manage the consultant’s contract. The City proceeded to select the consultant and coordinated with the consultant and SPI to determine the scope of work for the Study. After nearly a year of negotiating the contract scope, SPI determined that it no longer wanted to move forward with the pre-application process and withdrew the application on April 29, 2013. In effect, this terminated the process as there was no action requested by the applicant to be considered by the City.
If SPI initiates another pre-application process, it will include a community meeting and a Planning Commission Study Session. In the meantime, if the ice rink’s lease expires and is not renewed by the property owner, the rink will cease to operate. If the ice rink closes, the property may not be used for other purposes unless and until any alternative land use is approved by the city.  The review of any proposed alternative land use would involve noticed public hearings.

We appreciate you taking the time to express your opinion about the ice rink. If you have any further questions, our Planning Chief, Ron Munekawa, is the most knowledgeable about project.  He can be contacted at 650-522-7203 or   


Susan M. Loftus
City Manager
City of San Mateo
330 W. 20th Avenue
NEW INFORMATION   Letter from the City of San Mateo Building Official to SPI Holdings regarding demolition.
Material Related to the Withdrawn Application

The applicant had submitted the following information regarding the project: 
Project Information

Administrative Report from 1998

The documents listed below can be downloaded from this link: https://www.box.com/s/1lchprnnu7v9g1rg2edi. They are all in PDF format.

  • Minutes and Affiliated Documents
  • October 20, 1997 Addendum to the EIR for Bridgepointe Master Plan
  • December 17, 1996 Planning Commission Administrative Report Bridgepointe Retail Development PA96-046
  • September 16, 1996 City Council Administrative Report Final EIR Master Plan - Part 1, 2, 3
  • August 16, 1996 Final EIR Report
  • May 24, 1996 Draft EIR Report
  • March 2, 1998 City Council Administrative Report Bridgepointe Ice Rink Modification PA97-072
CITY CONTACT:  If you have any questions regarding this project, wish to make a comment or want to be added to an interested parties email list, send us an email to: 

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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