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Fact Sheet Smoke Test
Smoke does not enter a home unless the plumbing is faulty. If smoke does enter a house, so can sewer gas and other dangerous materials. Therefore, the occupant should be notified so that repairs can be made and dangers eliminated.

Smoke does not normally enter more than one percent of the tested homes. The current experience of the City-hired contractor substantiates this statement.

Smoke is composed of approximately 50 percent zinc chloride and 50 percent atmospheric moisture. The zinc chloride and moisture are combined into a mist. The concentration of zinc chloride in a visible cloud of smoke is a maximum 10 mg/mm3. As the cloud becomes less visible, the concentration of zinc chloride wanes.

Zinc chloride is relatively harmless at 10 mg/m3. However, it can be irritating, particularly to people with respiratory ailments.

Superior Signal Company has been in business since 1961 and sells over 200,000 smoke devices a year throughout the United States.

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