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The City of San Mateo as Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Mateo
Pursuant to the provisions of ABx1 26, which was upheld by a December 29, 2011 California Supreme Court ruling, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Mateo was dissolved on February 1, 2012. On January 9, 2012, the City Council approved a resolution to become the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Mateo.  As of February 1, 2012, the Successor Agency, in accordance with ABx1 26, is responsible for carrying out the wrap-up and winding down all of the activities of the former Redevelopment Agency.

The Successor Agency, among other responsibilities, is required to prepare a draft Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) for each upcoming six-month period.  A ROPS is the document that sets forth the minimum payment amounts and due dates of payments required by enforceable obligations, which include payment of bonds, loans, payments required by the federal government, judgments, settlements, any legally binding agreement or contract and contracts or agreements necessary for the administration or operation of the Successor Agency.

The City, acting as the Successor Agency for the former Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Mateo, is required to approve each draft ROPS, although the document remains a draft until the Oversight Board1 approves it.

Previously, the City of San Mateo approved an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (EOPS), which was last updated February 21, 2012.

Downloadable Documents:

        LAST AND FINAL ROPS (July 2016 - June 2046)

         ROPS 16-17 (July 2016 - June 2017)

         ROPS 15-16A (July- December 2015)


        Housing Successor Report Cover Memo 

        Annual Housing Successor Report 2013-2014

        ROPS 14-15 B (January - June 2015)

        Revised Long Range Property Management Plan (approved by the Oversight Board on 9-29-14)

        ROPS 14-15 A (July - December 2014) and Resolution approved 2-24-14
        Long Range Property Management Plan- approved by Oversight Board 9-17-13 
        (this is a large file and will take longer to upload)

        ROPS 13-14 A (July - December 2013) and Resolution approved 2-5-13

        ROPS 13-14 B (January-June 2014) and Resolution approved 8-29-13

        [Final] ROPS July - December 2012

     •   Resolution Approving the Long Range Property Management Plan

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