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  • Item 1: Approval of Minutes of the Special and Regular meetings of November 7, 2011
  • Item 2: Ratification of Existing Operating Agreement with Shelter Network for The Vendome
  • Item 3: Other Business
  • Item 4: Adjourn as Redevelopment Agency
  • Item 5: Quarterly Achievement Award – First Quarter 2011-2012 - Dan Hibson, Parks and Recreation Department
  • Item 6: Agreement – Carollo Engineers, Inc. – Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan
  • Item 7: Annual Update for the Arts in Public Places Program
  • Item 8: Award of Contract – Bortolussi and Watkin, Inc. – Bayfront Levee Improvements Project Mitigation
  • Item 9: Request to Metropolitan Transportation Commission for Pedestrian/Bicycle Project Funding
  • Item 10: Annual Update of the Sustainability Initiatives Plan
  • Item 11: Lease Agreement – Downtown San Mateo Association – 385 First Avenue
  • Item 12: Announcement of Upcoming Vacancy and Opening of Recruitment Period – Planning Commission
  • Item 13: Agreement – Foster City – Contract for Shared Fire Department Employees
  • Item 14: Change Order and Transfer of Funds – Tyler Technologies – Payroll/Human Resources (HR) Software Implementation
  • Item 15: Approval of Annex the 2010 Association of Bay Area Government (ABAG) Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Public Hearing  
  • Item 16: 2012 Solid Waste Annual Maximum Collection Rate Adjustment

Public Hearing
  • Item 17: Minor Modifications to Bay Meadows Development Agreement Regarding Interim Community Park

Public Hearing, Unfinished Business, Adjournment
  • Item 18: City of San Mateo Community Facilities District No. 2008-1 (Bay Meadows) Calling of Special Mailed Ballot Election for Voter Approval of Changes, Accepting Results of Special Election, Authorizing Issuance of Bonds and Related Documents, and Levying of Special Taxes within District
  • Item 19: City of San Mateo Below Market Rate Housing Program and Response to Palmer v. City of Los Angeles Decision
  • Item 20: Other Business
  • Item 21: Adjournment in memory of Vallejo Officer Capoot

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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