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Meeting Videos: 10/3/11

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call, RDA Other Business, Adjourn RDA, Ceremonial Matter, Consent Calendar
Item 1:  Approval of Minutes of Special and Regular meetings of September 19, 2011
Item 2:  Other Redevelopment Agency Business
Item 3:  Adjourn as Redevelopment Agency
Item 4: Appointment - Personnel Board
Item 5: Award of Contract and Establishment of Construction Contingency Reserve - West Bay Builders, Inc. - Flint Pump Station Upgrade Project
Item 7: Resolution of Local Support - Application for Phase 1 State Route 92 Improvement from Interstate 280 to US 101 - Construction of Operational Improvement at State Route 92/El Camino Real Interchange
Item 8: Classification Updates and Job Specification Changes
Item 9: Consideration of Amendment to Rate and Method of Apportionment of the Special Tax for the Bay Meadows Community Facilities District - Sets Public Hearing for November 21
Item 12: Municipal Code Amendments to Provide Extension of Subdivision Map and Planning Approvals

Consent Calendar (continued)
Item 6: Ordinance for Adoption - Modifications to San Mateo Municipal Code Relating to the Sanitary Sewer System and Private Sewer Laterals

Consent Calendar (continued)
Item 10: Adoption of Changes to the Memorandum of Understanding - San Mateo Firefighters Association Local 2400

Consent Calendar (continued)
Item 11: 2012 Solid Waste Annual Maximum Collection Rate Adjustment Noticing 

Unfinished Business
Item 13: High Speed Rail Update 

Other Business, Adjournment
Item 14:  Other Business
Item 15:  Adjournment

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