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Meeting Videos: 9/6/11

Pledge of Allegiance, Adoption of Resolution of Joining the National Moment of Remembrance of 9/11, Roll Call, RDA Other Business, Adjourn RDA
Item 1:  Approval of Minutes of Regular meeting of August 15, 2011
Item 2:  Other Redevelopment Agency Business
Item 3:  Adjourn as Redevelopment Agency

Ceremonial Matters 
Item 4:  Commendatory Resolution – Sergeant Mike Carnevale - Police Department
Item 5:  Commendatory Resolution - Silvia Boosten - Library
Item 6:  Presentation of the GreenTRIP Certification Award by TransForm for Station Park Green

Ceremonial Matters (continued)
Item 7:  Citywide Quarterly Outstanding Achievement Award for Fourth Quarter of 2010 2011
Item 8:  Citywide Customer Service Award for Fourth Quarter of 2010 -2011

City of San Mateo Fire Department "Make a Difference" Presentation, Consent Calendar, Other Business, Adjournment
Item 9:   Response to San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury Report on Policies Governing Use and Funding of Reserves
Item 10:  Increased Payments of Retirement Costs by Executive/Management Employees
Item 11:  Modifications to Retail Lease – Fletcher Enterprise Inc., dba Fletch’s - 385 Second Avenue
Item 12:  Award of Contract – Veolia ES Industrial Services, Inc. - Kingridge Sewer Line Rehabilitation - Cured-in-Place Pipe - Phase II Project
Item 13:  Award of Contract – National Plant Services - 2011 Citywide Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Inspection - Large Diameter Pipes Project
Item 14:  Award of Contract - Express Plumbing - 2011 Sanitary Sewer Repairs – D and E Basins Project
Item 15:  Approval to Submit Application for 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant and Appropriation and Transfer of Capital Project Funds
Item 16:  Extension of Urgency Ordinance – City of San Mateo Below Market Rate Housing Program in Response to the Palmer v. City of Los Angeles Decision
Item 17:  Other Business
Item 18:  Adjournment

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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