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Volunteers in Action!
25th Avenue Holiday Spruce Up Dec 3rd, 2015 - Visa Community Service Event
26 Visa Volunteers = 78 hours
26 Bags/Compost & Garbage Removed

As part of the 25th Avenue Improvement Initiative 2015 and with the forecasted heavy El Niño rains coming soon, the 25th Avenue Holiday Spruce Up event again played a significant effort  in making sure that fallen leaves and trash will not block the sewers on and around 25th avenue.

Sweeping up leaves and trash, cleaning sidewalk garbage cans, weeding and replanting, painting silver sign polls, removing graffiti and helping merchants decorate for the Holidays. Visa volunteers enjoyed their team building service day, merchants were most appreciative of the spruce up efforts and our City Support Staff coordinated on another very productive community service event. Great teamwork by all involved!

Thank you Downtown Clean Up Volunteers April 18th 2015 

DSMA board members 7 staff, city employees, and 220 volunteers worked in teams to sweep sidewalks and parking garages clean, paint silver sign poles and green meter poles, pick up litter, remove dirt and grime from newspaper boxes, planters and ledges, paint the Central Park gazebo & sheds and create new fabric mural on a B Street wire fence. Every project made Downtown San Mateo cleaner and brighter.

4 hours later 973 gallons of trash had been collected in 52 bags. A Thank You BBQ in the park was hosted by the Lions Club along with a great raffle prizes provided by local merchants for winning volunteers.

2015 Downtown Clean Up Volunteers


25th Avenue Holiday Spruce Up Dec 10th - Visa Community Service Event
55 Visa Volunteers = 220 hours
53 Bags/Compost and 6 bags/Garbage

In light of the heavy rain that was forecasted to follow the 25thAveue Holiday Spruce Up event, there was a significant effort focused on cleaning leaves that would normally have block the sewers on and around 25th avenue.

Washing windows, removing graffiti, helping merchants decorate for the Holidays and sidewalk stenciling. Great teamwork by all involved.  Visa volunteers really enjoyed their service, several merchants expressed their thanks directly to the volunteers and our staff teamwork shined in putting together an enjoyable day of community service.

The success of this event has definitely opened a door with Visa Inc. and other local companies for additional corporate volunteer involvement next year. 
5th Annual Lion Dance Festival
On February 22nd, the 5th Annual Lion Dance Festival was held in Central Park. Thank you to our outstanding team of volunteers from Self-Help for the Elderly, Downtown San Mateo Association, San Mateo Organization of Chinese Americans Youth Group, Young Men’s Service League and citywide volunteers who made this special event a huge success.

The fabulous West Coast Lion Dance Troupe visited local businesses to bring good luck and prosperity, very talented youth performers entertained and amazed everyone on Central Park stage and many booths provided community information and tasty food.

The event benefitted Self-Help for the Elderly San Mateo Senior Center with net proceeds reaching twice the amount of the last year. Great Job Team Volunteers!

Photography Credits: Carol Shoaff, Hiromi Motojima and Bill Riley
Thrivent Financial Volunteers Brighten Up North B Street
On September 7th, 32 Thrivent Financial Volunteers, coordinating with North B Street Merchants, the Downtown San Mateo Association and the City’s Public Works employees, designed and implemented a special cleanup event in San Mateo’s Retail Area.

They swept the sidewalks, picked up litter and weeds, cleaned business windows, removed dirt & grime, planted flowers, and painted neglected building fronts.

Thrivent’s service contribution brightened the day for both merchants and their customers.  Thank you Thrivent Volunteers for a great clean up job!
Employee and Community Volunteers Team Up for the Troops
On June 19th 44 Volunteers joined forces at San Mateo City Hall to write letters to our 101st Airborne soldiers and prepare care packages for 2 units in Afghanistan. Due to the generosity of so many residents and the hard working packing teams, we were able ship over 800+ pounds in 107 personal care packages for the troops and 1 care package for a canine trooper. San Mateo continues to lead the effort in being committed to supporting the troops of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division for over 40 years – We Will Never Forget!

Interested in participating in donating or packing the next shipment? Visit www.cityofsanmateo.org/101st and signup for updates.
1st Annual Downtown Cleanup April 20, 2013: Cleaner and Brighter
219 volunteers worked to pick up litter, clean windows, remove dirt & grime, plant flowers, paint two awesome murals, the k-rail along South Railroad and the gazebo & fences in Central Park and remove two non-operable payphones & lots of graffiti. 

San Matean artist Lorna Watt, her creative sister and volunteers used yarn to create colorful new features: tube socks for some parking meter poles, covers for bike racks, feet for some street furniture and made a broken parking sign into a very cool knit lollipop. 

3 hours later 1,403 gallons of trash had been collected. Every project made Downtown cleaner and brighter. A Thank You BBQ in the park was hosted by the Lions Club. 

Photo Show Credit: Nancy Bush Designs
Bayfront Cleanup: Keeping Our Bay Healthy for 20+ Years!
More than 800 volunteers came out for the 27th anniversary of our Bayfront Cleanup, held on Saturday, September 17, 2011.

They picked up 900 pounds of recycling and 5,600 pounds of garbage! Our cleanup in San Mateo is the most well attended single-location event for the entire Coastal Cleanup in all of the Bay Area and beyond.

We thank all of our volunteers, and hope that you had such a rewarding experience that you come back for the 2012 cleanup!!
Bayfront Cleanup 2010
San Mateo CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
San Mateo CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is made up of San Mateo resident volunteers who are trained to take care of themselves and their community in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster, when first responders are overwhelmed or unable to respond in the first few hours and days because of communication or transportation difficulties.

CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety and doing the most good for the greatest amount of people.
San Mateo CERT
City Employee Volunteers Working Together & 'Rebuilding Together'
City Employee Christian Wahl has volunteered as the Construction Captain for the Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) projects for 10 years.

Chris works with RTP on assessing the scope of the work to be done and identifying the various skill levels of volunteers needed to make the necessary repairs.

A group of 30 volunteers including several other City Employees came together this year to work on a home in San Mateo rising to the occasion to get the job done by the end of the day. Pretty cool event!
Rebuilding Together

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