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Hacienda, 31st to Hillsdale, Pedestrian Street Safety
Andy at work (3)_Resized.JPGOverview:
The Department of Public Works is working with residents who live on and in the vicinity of Hacienda, 31st to Hillsdale, on possible ways to increase the sense of pedestrian street-safety on Hacienda. 
Questions on Project?
If you have any follow up questions, please call Kevin Buchanan, Management Analyst at (650) 522-7334 or email him at

Latest News! (January 2014 Update)

January 13, 2014 UPDATE: 
Please note that the streetlight at the corner of Hacienda & Briar will be temporarily removed for the construction of the new wheelchair ramp.  There will be no light for a few weeks pending the arrival of the new streetlight, but will be replaced shortly.  Thank you for your patience, and feel free to call us with any concerns.

City Council
August 19, 2013
At the August 19th City Council meeting, Council approved the contract with FBD Vanguard Construction to install approximately 4500 square feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter on Hacienda Street from W. 31st Avenue to Louise Lane.

The project will include removing existing rolled curb and gutter and existing asphalt pavement for the installation of new sidewalk, curbs, gutters, and wheelchair ramps.  Construction is scheduled to begin on October 21, and should last until late November.

Administrative Report
Public Works Commission
April 10, 2013
At the April 10th meeting of the Public Works Commission (acting as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee), the project team gave a quarterly update which included the Hacienda Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project. This was another opportunity for neighbors to view the layout of this project.

Following the meeting, the project team did the necessary field work to start the project design and locate the necessary funding.  City staff advertised this project on June 27th, and the two bids were opened on July 23rd.  After review of the bid document submitted by FBD Vanguard Construction, Staff found that they were the lowest responsible and responsive bidder.

February 8, 2012
Public Works discussed the Hacienda Pedestrian Safety Project and a preliminary plan for how to increase pedestrian safety on Hacienda, 31st to Louise Lane. The project team presented an overview of the community process and a draft preliminary concept that shows sidewalk on both sides of Hacienda developed through ongoing conversations with the neighborhood. The PWC approved the design development of this project. Thank you to the residents who attended the meeting to voice their support.

Administrative Report

Neighborhood Project Check-In
January 26, 2012
The Public Works project team met on-site with the homeowners who currently do not have sidewalk, and adjacent neighbors who do have sidewalk, to go over the strengths and trade-offs of this revised preliminary design. As a group, we visited each property. During this on-site project check-in, the team received very positive feedback.

Neighborhood Workshop #2
September 28, 2011Hacienda Workshop_Ken Grp

Workshop attendees reviewed more detailed drawings of the two sidewalk options identified by the small group discussions at the June 9th workshop. Based on the feedback of the participating neighbors at workshop #2, the City team will be further exploring how to provide sidewalks on both sides of Hacienda in a way that further minimizes tree impacts.

Community Flyer
Small Group Notes

Neighborhood Workshop #1
Sergeant Greg Jacobson speaks to residents during workshopJune 9, 2011

City staff and residents on and near Hacienda, 31st to Hillsdale, reviewed possible solutions for improving the neighborhood’s sense of pedestrian street-safety.

Small Group Notes
Workshop Presentation
Community Flyer
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