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Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Involved!
Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Involved! both at home and at work in San Mateo. The Chamber of Commerce hosts Business Watch and GET Ready for Business presentations along with other outreach events. 

The City of San Mateo has a tradition of partnering with neighborhood groups to ensure a safe community and maintain our high quality of life.

Together, City Police and Fire programs and associations play a vital role in keeping neighborhoods safe, helping residents and businesses prepare for and respond to disasters, and encouraging community involvement across San Mateo.

Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Involved

"Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Involved"
This theme continues throughout the year given our ongoing interest in ensuring community preparedness and strengthening our neighborhoods. 

Below is additional information about Neighborhood Watch, Emergency Preparedness programs, Neighborhood Groups and Homeowners Associations, Community Businesses, and VolunteerSource - connecting with citywide opportunities and neighborhood social networks in San Mateo.
San Mateo's “BE READY, BE SAFE, BE INVOLVED” campaign is an important way we can all do our part to promote public safety. Being trained and prepared to give mutual aid in the aftermath of a disaster protects our families, neighborhoods and businesses. The full engagement of our citizens strengthens San Mateo and enhances our ability to react and respond in time of crisis. Thank you for participating in this essential community endeavor. - Mayor Maureen Freschet

Our Neighborhood Associations, along with our public safety-oriented Neighborhood Watch and CERT participants, make up a large part of the growing City of San Mateo Volunteer contingent – Citywide volunteers dedicated themselves to 84,559 hours of service in 2014, valued at over $1.87 million. This dedication to volunteerism in the name of public safety inspired the League of California Cities to bestow upon the City of San Mateo the 2012 Helen Putnam Award for Public Safety Excellence

“This award winning program is an example of our long-standing commitment to community engagement and encourages community involvement across San Mateo,” says Larry Patterson, City Manager. “The City’s partnership with our Homeowners' Neighborhood Associations and local businesses play a vital role in keeping neighborhoods safe while helping residents prepare for and respond to disasters.”
- City Manager Larry Patterson
Neighborhood Watch Program
Participate in Neighborhood WatchNeighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with local police to prevent and reduce crime in San Mateo’s neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch is residents not only knowing each other, but taking the time to care about each other and work together in a program of mutual assistance.  Get Involved with Neighborhood Watch. Call (650) 522-7710.  
Emergency Preparedness Programs
Emergency Preparedness Programs, overseen by the San Mateo Fire Department, strive to educate the community about fire and life safety skills for everyday life.

The Get Ready class is the basic disaster preparedness class that will teach you how to prepare yourself, your family, home and workplace for a major disaster. This 2-hour class will give you the information to allow you to help, instead of needing help, following a disaster.

Community PreparednessSan Mateo CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is made up of San Mateo residents who are trained to take care of themselves and their community in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster, when first responders are overwhelmed or unable to respond in the first few hours and days because of communication or transportation difficulties. Participants in this 25-hour series of classes will learn how to develop neighborhood teams and cross-trained in basic emergency skills. Call (650) 522-7900.

Neighborhood Groups and Homeowners Associations (HOA)
Join a Homeowners AssocationNeighborhood Groups and Homeowners Associations (HOA) are a great way to get involved in the community to begin making a difference.

The City has a number of neighborhood and homeowner groups located throughout San Mateo. HOAs provide their members with valuable information and serve as an avenue for the sharing of information with the City and throughout the community.
San Mateo United Homeowners Association (SMUHA)
The San Mateo United Homeowners Association (SMUHA) exists as a forum to communicate issues of concern to many of the City’s homeowner and neighborhood groups.

SMUHA helps coordinate efforts between neighborhood and homeowners groups where possible or needed and allows these groups to identify areas of common concern.  For more information on SMUHA, please contact them directly via email at:
Community Businesses
Community BusinessesThe San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce promotes business and commerce for the public in general and specifically its members, through active representation, advocacy and sponsorship of programs that enhance the economic, civic, cultural and educational well being, and emergency preparedness of San Mateo area community.

Contact President and CEO Cheryl Angeles at (650) 401-2441 or visit www.sanmateoca.org.
Visit Volunteer Source to Get Involved!
Volunteer SourceWhat makes San Mateo so great is the involvement and commitment of community members like you. Join us by volunteering your time, energy and talents in continuing to make our city the best place to live!

Visit Volunteer Source to see the many new volunteer opportunities available.
Neighborhood Social Networks
We encourage you to sign up today at Nextdoor.com to join your private neighborhood social network designed to foster neighbor-to-neighbor and citywide communications.

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