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As consumers, we have the option to vote with our dollar and show businesses what we value. Choosing environmentally-friendly products is one way to show that we care about the environment. Another is to support green businesses.

Here in the City of San Mateo, we are lucky to have a number of business owners who also value the environment. We have the opportunity to choose greener products and services. There are an increasing number of Certified Green Businesses in the City of San Mateo. They vary in scope and different service industries. 

Below is a partial list from the County website of Green Businesses in San Mateo. Be sure to check the County website for an updated list of Certified Green Businesses.

Please show your support for our Local Green businesses!
Automobile Repair & Service
All-Car Auto Painting & Body Repair 501 9th Ave. (650) 343-5624
Honda Hospital, Inc. 330 S. Claremont St. (650) 342-8480
Motor Masters Automotive 4399 S. El Camino Real (650) 524-3090
Business Services
Dharma Merchant Services 25 41st Ave. (650) 286-9200
Fitness Center
Safari Run 341 N. Amphlett Blvd. (650) 342-1977
Landscape & Plantscape Design
San Mateo Callander Associates   311 7th Ave. (650) 375-1313
Spas & Resports
The Spa Studio 116 South B St. (650) 685-4772
Translation Services
Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. 460 Seaport Ct., Suite 101 (650) 421-2500

How Can I Become a Certified Green Business?
Any businesses interested in obtaining the Green Business Certification may do so through the County of San Mateo. Please visit RecycleWorks Green Business for information on eligibility and the step by step instructions completing the certification process.

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