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Traffic Data
Traffic Data and Why It Matters

The Public Works Department conducts surveys of roads and intersections to support our key traffic engineering activities. The analysis of the data we collect helps us make effective program recommendations for street improvements, such as adjustments to speed limits, signal timing and other safety and traffic markings and signage. The data also helps us understand if usage of a road has changed and what response, if any, the city, should make to alter either the road or the way it’s used. The types of data we use can include: number of cars, speed of cars and the mix of types of vehicles using the roads.

The Circulation Element of the General Plan
The City’s General Plan is required by state law to have a section called the “Circulation Element.” The Circulation Element describes existing and proposed roadways and other means of transportation such as public transit, bikeways, pedestrian routes and parking facilities.  It analyzes traffic conditions and needed improvements so that existing and projected circulation needs may be adequately met. 

How We Collect Traffic Data
We collect most traffic data through the use of traffic counters and pneumatic tubes. You may see these tubes laying across a street in your neighborhood. When cars drive over these tubes, they register and count the traffic.

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