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Red Tipping
Red Tipping – Keeping your Driveway Approach Clear

Ever try to get into your driveway only to find that the entrance is squeezed tight or partially blocked by parked cars? We can help you with a special curb marking called Red Tipping.

Red Tips can be installed typically in the following situations:

  • Short sections of red curbing, normally requested by property owners, can be installed on either side of a driveway to promote better maneuverability into and out of the driveway and to improve visibility from the driveway. The amount of red tipping will be installed in a way that minimizes the loss of existing on-street parking spaces.
  • Driveway red tipping can be installed to eliminate non-standard parking spaces (less than 18 feet) between driveways – a condition that sometimes leads to one or both driveways being partially blocked by parked vehicles.

A typical driveway red-tipping installation would include up to approximately five feet of red curbing on either side of the driveway. However, the length of red curb installed at each location could be adjusted on a case-by-case basis depending on other factors, such as minimizing the loss of adjacent on-street parking spaces and operations at adjacent driveways.

Parking restrictions for driveway red tipping is enforceable just as any other no-parking red zone in the City. Any vehicle, including that of the property owner, can be cited for parking in a driveway red tipping zone.

So, please…don’t park in the red!

To Report a Car Parked In the Red Zone
Call the 24 hour Police Department Non-Emergency Line at (650) 522-7700.

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