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Standard Drawings
Below you will find Public Works' standard drawings by related category.

In the "Parking" Standard Drawings, you will find parking standards for:
  • Parking Lot Dimensions
  • Parking Lot Layouts
  • Dead-End Aisles
  • Handicapped Parking
  • Double-Striping
  • Minimum Turning Radii on Ramps

Streets and Sidewalks
Street Improvement Details
Street Lighting and Electrical
Tree Root Barrier Installation
Typical Driveway or Ramp Profile

Sanitary Sewer Details and Appurtenances
Storm Drain Structures and Appurtenances 

Tree Grate Specification

In the "Miscellaneous" Standard Drawings, you will find:
  • Minimum Standards for Reflectorizing & Placing Debris Boxes on City Streets
  • Standard Bollard
  • Standard Bollard Details (Anchorage & Post Detail)
  • Curb Ramp
  • Curb Ramp Groove
  • Catch Basin Replacement Grate Detail
  • Standard Sign for Posting Construction Hours

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