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Caltrain: Ongoing Maintenance Program
Caltrain Updates by EmailFrom time to time, the Public Works Department receives information from Caltrain regarding their Ongoing Maintenance Program.

Typically Caltrain does not reach out directly to residents of surrounding neighborhoods. Therefore, we have created this page (as well as an email alert list) that enables us to post updates regarding Caltrain's Ongoing Maintenance Program.

Want to stay up-to-date with
Caltrain’s Ongoing Maintenance Activities?

Although we’ll post notices regarding Caltrains' ongoing maintenance on this page, we suggest you sign up for our email update service to ensure that you receive information in a timely fashion.  Sign up for email updates and we’ll email the posted information and/or send a text to your cell phone.

When will information be posted?
Caltrain usually provides us with information shortly before the impact occurs, and in turn we will post that information here, as well as send out notices by email.  If you would like to receive informational notices by email, please sign up for email updates.

PLEASE NOTE:  The information posted on this page and also sent via our email update service will relate to impacts happening throughout the city, not limited to your surrounding neighborhood.

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