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High Speed Rail Alternatives Analysis

In August, 2010, the HSRA released the Supplemental Alternative Analysis (AA)Report (29.6MB PDF).
In April, 2010, the HSRA released the Preliminary Alternatives Analysis (AA) (12.0 MB PDF ), the successor document to the previously released 2009 draft report. 
In 2009, the HSRA released the 2009 Draft Alternatives Analysis (AA) (18.3 MB PDF) Report

The Supplemental AA (29.6MB PDF) contains revised Plan and Profile Drawings containing two options which relate to San Mateo:

    OPTION A (elevated and at-grade throughout San Mateo)

    OPTION B (Trench from Peninsula to 12th; elevated and at-grade from 12th to Southern City limit)

The HSRA has made complete appendices to the Preliminary and Supplemental Alternatives Analysis Reports available on their website.

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