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Sales Tax Information

In November 2009, the voters of the City of San Mateo approved Measure ‘L’, which established a one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) transactions (sales) and use tax.  The transactions (sales) and use tax (also called a “District tax”) must be charged on all taxable sales that are delivered or placed into use within the city limits of San Mateo.

Information regarding District taxes can be found on the California State Board of Equalization’s website:
Tax Tips for District Taxes
Information on District Taxes and Delivered Sales

City Address Listing
Please click the following link for a listing of address ranges that are located within the city limits of San Mateo.

City of San Mateo Street Index

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More Information
If you are a Seller or a Purchaser and need information about the new district tax, please contact the California State Board of Equalization, Local Revenue Allocation Unit at (916) 324-3000.  

The following information can also be found on the Board of Equalization’s website:
• Information specific to a business or industry
Local and District Taxes Web page
• 8.75% Tax Schedule (Effective 1/1/2013)
 9.25% Tax Schedule (Effective 4/1/2013)

For additional information, please contact the California State Board of Equalization at (800) 400-7115.

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