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Pest Control Methods
Get a Handle on Pests

Biological Controls
- Biological controls take advantage of the relationship between a pest and its natural enemies. 

Beneficial insects prey on target insect pests, and carefully selected plantings can help prevent the crowding out of desirable species by exotics or other undesirable species.

Cultural Controls - Cultural controls are practices that help render the target pest’s preferred living conditions less favorable. For example, keeping trash areas and kitchen counter tops clean is one of the most effective means to avoid insect infestations. 

Planting of insect resistant landscaping greatly reduces the potential for pest problems to arise.

Mechanical Controls - Mechanical controls are measures that help keep pest populations below nuisance levels. For example, brushing, mowing, cultivating, or tilling disrupts the growing environment for many soil insects and/or undesirable vegetative growth. 

Handpicking can rid small garden and landscaped areas of snails, slugs, caterpillars, and other pests. Even a strong spray of water will dislodge leaf-foraging pests, moss from roof eaves, and other undesirables.

Physical Controls - Physical controls help prevent pests from establishing themselves. Examples of physical barriers include:

  • Window screens
  • Mulch or fabric barrier for landscapes and gardens
  • There are also various traps on the market for rodent and insects.

Chemical Controls - If pesticides are ultimately deemed necessary, they should be selected carefully and used prudently. 

Pesticides should be:

  • Applied according to product instructions, using appropriate personal protective measures
  • Used only when non-chemical methods have failed to manage the pest
  • Used for spot treatments rather than for broadcast applications
  • Pest-specific
  • Applied in a manner that maximizes its effectiveness

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