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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the San Mateo Municipal Code online?

I want to add on to my single-family home.  What do I do now?
  • Review Zoning Chapter 27.18 of city code (set backs, floor area ratio calculation, height limitations and much more)
  • If interested in a 2nd story addition review Single Family Dwelling Design Review and the Single Family Dwelling Guidebook.
  • Contact Planning Staff at (650) 522-7212 for more detailed information.

Is my location properly zoned for business?

  • A planner can confirm the zoning of the particular parcel, the permitted uses in that district, and whether adequate parking exsits for the proposed use.
  • Contact Planning Staff at (650) 522-7212 for more detailed information.

What parking requirements are there for businesses?

Do I need a permit to hang a sign?

  • Yes.  Please review the Sign Ordinance frequently asked question page for more information.
  • A sign permit may be obtained through the Building Division.
  • Contact the Building Division at (650) 522-7172 for information on the permitting process.

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