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Are You Winter Wise?
Here are some suggestions to help prepare you for winter storms:

Street flooding
Move leaves and debris away from the storm drain to allow water to drain.

High winds/electrical storms
Contact PG&E or a certified arborist to keep branches away from electrical lines to prevent fires and outages; be cautious of electrical lines during windy weather.

Fallen trees and branches in road
If you are able, move the tree or branch to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass. If it is too large to move, call the city's tree removal service to assist you at (650) 522-7420 (normal business hours) and (650) 522-7350 (evenings/weekends).

Drive slower and use your low beams – high beams make it more difficult for oncoming drivers to see clearly.

Traffic Signal Outages
Windy weather can cause traffic signals to be out of service. When signals are down, drivers should treat the signal like a four-way stop.

Put identification tags on all pets in case they get lost during a storm. Do not leave your pets outside or tied up in the rain; prepare a warm, dry place inside.

Driving during a flood
Avoid driving through high water – it can wet your brakes, stall the engine and contaminate vehicle fluids. Adhere to flood warning signs and barricades and use alternative routes. If you must drive through water, drive slowly to reduce wake and prevent flooding.

Winter garbage/recycling collection tips
Be sure garbage containers are not overloaded so the lids can be completely closed; when recycling, put the paper bin on the bottom of the stack to prevent it from getting wet; and do not place hot ashes or coals in plastic garbage containers.

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