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Flood Preparedness
Sandbags Available to San Mateo Residents
SandbagsSandbags are a critical tool in storm preparedness!

We make sandbags available starting November 2nd through April 17th at the following locations.

NOTE: Sandbags are available to San Mateo Residents and Property Owners only. 

Sandbag Locations
Self-Service Location #1:
Waste Water Treatment Plant
ADDRESS: 2015 Detroit Dr., San Mateo
HOURS: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Self-Serve Location #2:
City of San Mateo Corporation Yard

ADDRESS: 1949 Pacific Blvd., San Mateo
HOURS: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Sandbag Rules
  • MAXIMUM 10 bags per vehicle
  • MUST be a San Mateo resident or Property Owner (be prepared to show proof of residency/ownership)
  • BRING your own shovel - Sand and bags will be provided
  • MUST be able to fill the bags yourself (these are self-serve locations)
Flooding in Your Streets

  Call us to report blocked storm drains,
street flooding and creek concerns!

Storm Hotline 650-522-7300


Additional Flood Preparedness
Public Works flood-prepares our community in many ways. Here are some highlights:

  • We clean catch basins of debris every storm season
  • We maintain 33 “trash racks" (large grates that catch debris and keep our pipes that channel storm water from clogging)
  • During the rainy season, we lower the water levels of the Marina Lagoon
  • During the rainy season, our crews use leaf machines to clear storm drains, gutters, and streets
  • Prior to storm season, the City clears several of the canals, creeks, and storm culverts (water ways) with the worst levels of debris
  • We monitor areas with a history of flooding for storm conditions. Read more about these flood-venerable areas that are part of the FEMA Flood Zone. 

More Information

San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

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